Ultimate Air Guitar

Ultimate Air Guitar is a fun audio based app that lets the user play scorching guitar licks.

As the user shakes their phone, randomized guitar licks are triggered based on their motion to give the user a feeling of playing air guitar for real.

The app features full use of the iPhone’s audio capabilities including programmatic fades and a custom audio player created by Candid Innovations developers to allow users to play air guitar along with an embedded music track.

All the audio was edited in Candid Innovations state of the art studio by our skilled audio designers.

The app also generates revenue by allowing the user to use in app purchases to buy extra guitar styles, crowd noises and different skins for the app from the in app shop.

And as with all Candid Innovations apps, Ultimate Air Guitar features a slick user interface that allows the user to customise every part of the app to their taste.

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