The Grapevine

The Grapevine helps music fans find other fans who are selling concert tickets in their local area, and allows people to advertise and search for jobs, accommodation, and things for sale based on their current location.

The Grapevine features a slick user interface and taps into many of the iPhone’s different capabilities to create a compelling user experience:

GPS is used to determine where the user is, and which posts are near them.

Search results can be viewed in a variety of ways including on the phone’s map view.

Gesture based searches allow the user to search for tickets by artists from their phone’s music library, and also to search for posts by people they know from their address book.

The Grapevine communicates with a custom Java server designed from the ground up by Candid Innovations architects, specifically designed for speed and scalability. The server is now handling well over a million posts.

Here’s what our CEO Edward Cooper has to say about The Grapevine:

“The idea came about from talking to people who were continually frustrated that concerts for artists they wanted to see would sell out very fast, then lots of tickets would appear on ebay with big price mark-ups, obviously being sold by touts for a profit.

I wanted to create and app that would allow real music fans to exchange their tickets for reasonable prices and so The Grapevine was born!”

And a word from our CTO Serkan Gunes:

“What we wanted to do with The Grapevine was design a classifieds app from the ground up specifically for the mobile platform, rather than try and port a web based solution just as a sideshow for an existing website.

This has meant we have been able to produce a super slick, simple, unique product which fully leverages all the added benefits the mobile platform provides such as GPS location and gesture based search.

And because we have no website to support, we have been able to avoid slower HTML based technology which really makes our search times truly impressive”

You can either search for ‘The Grapevine’ in the appstore or go here:

The Grapevine classified ads app for iPhone. A great eBay and Gumtree alternative. Free to post once downloaded

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