The Grapevine 2.0! Search for the treasure from anywhere!

Hi everyone,

We received a massive amount of feedback from iPhone users in other countries who all wanted to join in the hunt for the buried gold and so we’re pleased to announce the release of The Grapevine 2.0

In The Grapevine 2.0 we’ve added new functionality to allow you to solve clues from anywhere in the world!
This update was approved by apple today, and is now live in all app stores world wide (previously The Grapevine was only available in the UK & USA).

How does it work?

Click the pulsating dollar button on the app homescreen and you will be presented with more information, and also a screen where you can submit clue solution locations by manually setting longitude and latitude!

The FIRST PERSON to solve all the clues, wins the gold!

If you live in the UK and you win, you will be able to dig up the gold yourself. If you live outside the UK and you win, we will dig it up for you, and send it to you!

And now for the first time, we can reveal the first clue:

What’s the point? Storm-tossed rock ‘n’ roll – lost and found, I ended up beside Old Father.
It’s just so much Sunnier back home
I just sit here on top of all this junk: photographs of a good-looking English women, a box of hairpins, a box of cigars, a set of imperial weights, a baby’s bottle, some children’s toys!

Finally, to celebrate the release of The Grapevine 2.0 we have cut the price for one week only! Happy hunting!

Whats all this about?

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