Buried Treasure

[title h2=”title_dark_blue”]Buried gold location hidden within The Grapevine[/title]

On September 19th, 2011, we uploaded a video to youtube (see below) which revealed we have
buried £2000 worth of golden sovereigns somewhere in the UK, and hidden the secret of their location in an iPhone app.

We’ve received an amazing amount of feedback and the three questions being asked the most are:

1. Is this for real
2. What is the name of the app
3. When will it be released

So without further ado –

  • Yes this is for real. We really have buried the gold out there and it’s waiting for you guys to solve the mystery and dig it up
  • There was alot of speculation as to whether this was a new app as yet to be released or one currently on the appstore
    We can now reveal the all the clues are hidden within our app “The Grapevine
  • The Grapevine is live on the app store NOW, the clues are ready for you to solve them, and the gold is waiting for you to dig it up!

How does it work?

Yes, The Grapevine is an app for buying and selling stuff, but…we decided to conceal a series of devilish clues within the app, that will lead you to the location of £2000 of buried gold.

The first clue is pretty easy to spot, but be warned they are going to be very tough to solve. Don’t worry though, amongst our normal tweets on twitter, we will also occasionally be dropping subtle hints relating to the clues that might make them easier to solve if you know what to look for.

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Our CEO Edward Cooper and CTO Serkan Gunes will also be doing the same.
Follow them here:@eddcooper & @serkangunes

The answer to each clue is a location. One of the things you’ll have to figure out is how to unlock the next clue once you have the answer to the first.

We will be posting regular updates on our blog with news from the hunt, and we will also be able to track how many clues have been solved by how many people, so stay tuned here:


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We want to hear from you too with any theories you have about the clue solutions, and any questions you may have. We’ll publish the best on our blog. Either tweet us or contact us using our contact form

Let the hunt begin!